What is Local Link?
Local Link provides safe secure and reliable Public Transport services in local and rural areas of Ireland. There are 15 Local Link offices. See Location Map for contact details of your nearest Local Link or Rural Transport Group.

How can I contact my Local Link?
Visit our Contact Page for more information

How can I find out about Local Link services in my area?
There are 2 ways in which to find out about local link services in your area.

  • The details of all Local Link services are available on the National Journey Planner.
  • It is however advisable to contact your closest Local Link office as many services require pre-booking, particularly where door to door services are available.

Will my Free Travel Pass be accepted on Local Link Services?
Yes – Free Travel Passes are accepted on all Local Link Services

What is the fare to use a Local Link Service?
Fares are payable on Local Link services. For fare structures, please contact your closest Local Link Office.